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There are a few facets to my life. Most of you will already know that I used to be a social worker back in Australia before moving to Europe to live in a motorhome and paint like a vagabonding gypsy. What you probably don’t know is that I run an iPhone and Mac software development business with my partner, who’s a computer wizard (although I have mentioned our business a couple of times on the blog they’re the type of posts that get hidden deep within its labyrinthine bowels). It wasn’t always the plan that I’d help run the business but it just naturally emerged over time as the sensible thing to do.The Cartographer iPhone App Compass-Help.jpg

The Cartographer iPhone App cross-promo.jpg

A Tasty Pixel_Balloon.jpg

With this last missing jigsaw puzzle piece, you now have a fairly complete picture of my life. I spend one day painting, one day attending to the social media side of art, one day on our business — A Tasty Pixel — and one day either travelling, planning our travels, or blogging about our travels, then repeat! Maybe sometimes it seems that because I don’t have a job or a family or a social life to speak of, I must have vast swathes of free time with which to paint and create. In reality, I actually only paint one day in four (less even as I haven’t factored in those miscellaneous days when the overhead of life sneaks up and snatches a day or two away like some sort of life tax). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This is a massive improvement upon how it was when I was working full-time – it was a rare weekend when I had energy spare and time enough to paint. Even so, one day in four is not my ideal ratio. I would be happy with one in three, I think. I’m a slow worker, so only painting one day in four makes for glacial progress, which can be frustrating when there are so many paintings to be painted and techniques to be mastered!

A Tasty Pixel -- Blog Footer.jpg

I bring this up because it’s come to my attention that I haven’t shared the illustrations I’ve created for our business website and iPhone apps (although like a big newb I did mention them in a long ago blog post without actually providing any images)! The sepia illustrations above are to be found in our vintage styled Google map iPhone app — The Cartographer — how cool is that!? The app was featured by Apple for 9 consecutive weeks so the little compass in the second image graced the front page of the iPhone app store for a while, which was pretty nifty.

A Tasty Pixel_Tree.jpg

The black and white illustrations are the resulting combination of my doodles plus my partner’s Photoshop hokery pokery. When we were brainstorming ideas for the website design of A Tasty Pixel, I was struck by the comical image of a pixel being chased by a hoard of cutlery. This became the theme for the website, which showcases pixels escaping from cutlery in various whimsical and unlikely ways.

A Tasty Pixel_Spoon.jpg

One day I hope to illustrate an arty, whimsical, achingly beautiful iPhone and Mac game with my partner. That would be the bees’ knees.

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