Owls In Progress

There’s something really vulnerable about posting work-in-progress shots, isn’t there? It’s a lot less vulnerable once the work is complete and you can point to the finished piece and say, “see, it didn’t turn out so bad”. I’m learning to be more comfortable with the ugly stages of a painting. I used to get really down on myself whilst working on a piece because I didn’t know to expect ugly stages. This meant that for a time, I actually didn’t enjoy painting very much at all! That was a very strange time – I yearned to make art but wasn’t enjoying the process so I experienced a lot of shame about that. It was very confusing. It would’ve been nice to have someone to talk to about that at the time, but then I guess that’s what this blog is for. I vow to be braver with sharing my insecurities on this blog in the future.Owls_WIP-Sketch.jpg


Owls_WIP_Mixed Media-2.jpg

owls_WIP_Mixed Media-3.jpg

Owls_WIP-4_Mixed Media.jpg

Owl Triptych_Mixed Media.jpg

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