A Triptych of Owls

I began these little guys in Wales when we were house-sitting over winter, finished them in Scotland, and I’m now posting them in Belgium! I think I’ve wanted to paint owls since I started painting but somehow have only just gotten around to it. I’m really looking forward to painting many, many more.Owl Triptych_Mixed Media.jpg 12.5x10cm (each) deep edge canvas PanPastel, acrylic, ink and collage

Yellow Owl_Mixed Media.jpg

Red Owl_Mixed Media.jpg

Blue Owl_Mixed Media.jpg

I coloured the owls themselves with PanPastels. I’ll actually be going back to the art supplies store in Belgium, which is the only art store I’ve ever been to that stocks PanPastels, so I’m super excited about buying more (I only have six colours at the moment). Having said that, I’ve become a big fan of using a limited palette, so I’m going to impose a limit of three new colours or one set. I love the depth of colour I get with my PanPastels as a result of having to mix colours in many layers to get the hue I’m after and I don’t want to lose that.

Yellow Owl_PanPastels.jpg

Red owl_PanPastels.jpg

Have you ever noticed that every other mixed media artist out there has painted owls? What’s that about? Why are we so obsessed? Hmmm, maybe I should do a compilation post of all of my favourite owl paintings. If you’re part of the hoard of owl loving mixed media artists, you really must check out the movie, Guardians of Ga’Hoole. As a bonus, you’ll get to listen to the dulcet tones of the Australian accent for 120 minutes — actually this serves as more of a warning as it can be a bit jarring if you’re not expecting it (I’m allowed to say these things as an Aussie).

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  1. Deborah Velasquez

    I don’t know what the owl connection is either. I may have to delve into that a bit more. I have a thing for owls too. I truly love your blog. I enjoy how you look at things in you art and in your words.

    1. Katherine

      Thank you Deborah. I love that you said “I enjoy how you look at things” as this is something that I delight in in others’ blogs so I’m glad mine provides that too! x


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