I was inspired by this blog article over at Imaginative Bloom, to create a collection of some of the yummiest wearables I’ve seen on the internet. Also, it’s my birthday month so, you know…Wearable Blog Post.jpg

  1. Bomber Aviator Helmet by DollfaceDeVille| 2. 18kt Yellow Gold Ring by Scosha| 3. Barquentine Skirt by Makool| 4. Tartan Scarf by Bussola Creazioni | 5. Shakespeares Sister Coat by Little Houses| 6. Gift set For Strange Women by For Strange Women

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  1. Irene

    Hi Nellie, happy my post has inspired you to make this collection of wearables! It’s really really lovely. I especially like the skirt and the coat :)

    A “Hello” from Italy


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