Vagabonding: Executive Summary

It’s taken me a long time to get this blog organised. Until relatively recently, it lacked focus. I used to post about my travels as well as my art and pretty much anything else that took my fancy. You may have noticed that the travel blog posts have stopped (as have the flights of fancy). We’re still travelling and we’re still blogging about it, but I wont be posting them here anymore. We have a blog — Technomadics — dedicated to our travels, so if you miss reading about our itinerant ways you can still get your fix.

I do still want to share the highlights here however, so I’ll be posting every now and then with the best photos from our recent travels and links to our latest blog posts.> ##Wales

Pine Cone and Bokeh.JPG

More pine cone pretties and reflections on our final days at Lygos Farm in “Project House-Sit-Lygos-Farm-Without-Killing-The-Pets A Success (R.I.P. 1 Chive Plant).”

Our first blog post being back in Nettle after house-sitting for three months: “Motorhoming Like It’s 2009.”

A short blog post, talking about our new travel/work balance philosophy and routine: Taking It Slow

The Peak District, England

The White Peak District.jpg

Dark Peak District.jpg

We chronicle our drive through the two distinct regions of the Peak District — “Dark” and “White” — “Through The Peak District.”

The Lake District, England

Lambs and Daffodils.JPG

We spent years looking forward to the Lake District; it was on our travel wish-list long before we left Australia. When we got there, we set about torturing ourselves with hiking and mountain climbing well beyond our fitness level. Although, we did get to free-camp at our second castle. Brilliant: “First Days In The Lake District”.

Me Getting Sunburnt.JPG

The day I learnt it is possible to get sunburnt in the UK: “The Long Trudge: The Fairfield Horseshoe Trail.”

An entire blog post dedicated to what we do when we’re not travelling (and my art makes its debut on Technomadics): “Recovering.”

Striding Edge Helvellyn.jpg

The Day I accidentally climbed a mountain: “Hanging From Our Fingernails: Tackling Striding Edge and Helvellyn.”

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