Strange and Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

This is an ancient little painting, circa the winter of 2009/2010. I was such a newb back then and there are sooo many paintings from that time, which I never got around to posting on the blog! Most of them won’t see the light of a bloggy day (although they are on Deviant Art and Flickr), but for some reason I still kinda dig this one.Mixed Media Poppies.jpg

Here are some cool things I’ve found in the land of the interwebs recently:

  • A video interview in which photographer, Trey Ratcliff propounds his philosophies on the business of photography. A few of the topics discussed are just as relevant for artists and illustrators:
    • Limited edition prints
    • Micro stock photography and how this is basically slave labor
    • Licensing
    • Getty Images and how it’s highway robbery
    • How photography and making money can put unnecessary stress on relationships
  • I have so much love for Dave Matthews right now. This is the best thing I have ever seen. I have resolved to find out who the principle dancer is so I can watch everything she’s ever done.
  • I’m considering starting up some sort of textile themed blog just so I can use this WordPress theme.
  • If you love colour, you will love this blog.
  • This is what happens when a social worker gives a TED Talk. Oh yeah. Represent girl. (Do people still say that?) By the way, does everyone know I’m a social worker?
  • A glimpse into the fantastic, twisted mind of Neil Gaiman, as he answers the question “where do you get your ideas?”

2 Comments Strange and Exotic Fruits of the Interwebs

  1. suzi banks baum

    Dearest Nellie,

    I just posted the TED talk on my site. I have followed her work and love it. Thank you for circling me back to her. And, your other hot tips are great. I am working in my studio right now. About to cut a stencil. Will post photos. I am currently obsessed with Instagram photos on my iPhone. Wondering about creating a page with in my website for my instagrams. You are way beyond them, I know, but it is super fun. Hope you are well. Hugs and love to you and to Mike, S

    1. Katherine

      Suzi, have you read her book, “Gifts of Imperfection”? Highly recommend it.

      Ah yes, Instagram. I’m really funny about taking photos with my iPhone, although it can be handy :P


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