In Progress at Studio Nettle

In Progress Painting.jpg

There are people who take more satisfaction in beginning projects and those who take immense satisfaction in finishing them. Until recently I’ve been making art like the former, except it’s come to my attention that I am in fact of the latter persuasion! Taking this previously unidentified characteristic and applying it to the way I work has had a huge impact on my “job” satisfaction. I’ve been working on one painting at a time for the past couple of weeks and I’m actually finishing things! It’s a revelation! I think my word for 2011 is “clarity” — of the “know thyself” variety. How about you? Are you a finisher or a starter?

In other news, as can be seen in this photo, I’ve moved my “studio” to the back table in Nettle. It’s smaller but it means I can leave my art supplies out because that’s all the table is used for. No more packing up at the end of the day to make room for office space or dinner. I’m excited.

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