Artists Who Inspire Me to Explore Glazing

If you’re unfamiliar with glazing, it’s when you build up a painting with multiple transparent layers of colour, or glazes. When I initially began learning how to paint I wasn’t at all interested in learning about the traditional techniques. I thought there’d be a bunch of “rules” that would constrain rather than inspire. However, one of the ways I direct my learning is by teaching myself how to do something that I’ve admired in another’s painting. A technique that I keep seeing pop up time and again is glazing. I’d like to share some of the artwork that has inspired me to one day explore this great traditional technique.

Amy and Romain Torrente


All rights reserved – Amy and Romain Torrente

Heather Haynes

Heather Haynes Art.jpg

All rights reserved – Heather Haynes

Seth Fitts

Seth Fitts Art.jpg

Seth Fitts Art.jpg

All rights reserved – Seth Fitts

Perrine Boyer

Perrine Boyer Art.jpg

Perrine Boyer Art.jpg

All rights reserved – Perrine Boyer

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