Finding My Arty Sea Legs

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I’m currently working on a piece that I’m really excited about. I think I’m finding my style. I also feel really satisfied with my technique in this piece as well, which is new. Until now, I felt like I was wrestling with the materials. I was frustrated that when I attempted to illustrate the pictures in my mind, the materials would get in the way rather than help me bring it to life. With this painting, I feel like I’m reaching the tipping point. Not only are the materials helping to realise the concept, they’re making it much more interesting and beautiful than it was in my head.

As most of you probably know, I’m currently living in a motorhome as I travel around Europe with my partner. This, combined with the fact that I’m not yet selling my paintings means that finished pieces mostly end up in a cupboard. I’m so smitten with my last two paintings and this one on the way, that I can’t bear to deal them such a fate. One of them is adorning the only wall that is painting-friendly in Nettle, but the other two are going to have to find good homes. This is a pretty exciting turn of events but I’m not sure what it means, as I still don’t feel ready to open an Etsy shop.

What I do know is that I plan to focus on these particular techniques and this colour palette for a while and see where they take me!

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