Much Art In Progress

I have a problem. I am a serial project starter. When I get a new idea or want to try out a new technique, I get excited and will begin something new despite how many paintings are already in the works. Or sometimes, a painting won’t work out so I put it in a cupboard and come back to it a few months later. As a result, I have about a dozen paintings on the go at any one time and it takes the best part of a decade or two to actually finish one. It’s a nice problem to have as far as problems go, but I really would like to finish a painting every now and then.

I love seeing in-progress shots on the blogs of artists I follow. So even though I don’t have any finished pieces to show you, at least I can give you a sneak peak!

Mixed Media Art In Progress.jpg

I actually finished this one ages ago but a couple of weeks later decided I didn’t like it (which is not uncommon). I’ve been revamping it on and off ever since.

Abstract Landscape Painting In Progress.jpg

This one has gone through many many phases. It started out usual enough. Then, I decided I would do a round-robin type thing with all of my art materials — I spread them all out and took in turns using each on this canvas. Lately, I’ve taken to using up any left over paint on my palette on it. Hence the crazy. I’m trusting that it’ll all just magically pull together into a cohesive something at some stage.

Whimsical Mixed Media Painting In Progress.jpg

Originally, the background of this canvas was collaged. Again, I wasn’t happy with it and had it lying around for a long long time. I eventually worked up enough animosity towards it to completely paint over it.

Oval Grungey Textured Paintings In Progress.jpg

I bought a big pack of these cute oval canvases when we were in Italy the first time around, way back in 2009! Against all odds, I actually managed to make some finished pieces out of them but still have quite a few left over.

Daydreamer Acrylic Painting In Progress.jpg

I bought a few un-gessoed linen canvases from an art supplies store in Rome that’s been around since 1825. I really liked the colour of the linen so had the idea of only gessoing parts and allowing the natural colour of the linen to show through. I only got around to starting one of these paintings just recently though. This chick has been lurking in my sketchbook for ages! Have you noticed I have a slight balloon obsession?

Owl Acrylic Painting In Progress.jpg

This little guy is going to be part of a triptych of owls who have been on my brain for (you guessed it) quite some time now. I spent a good chunk of time in the past couple of weeks mixing greys with every combination of primary colours I have, thanks to this triptych. I’ve even been recording the results and the mixing ratios! Colour mixing is one of my favourite things to do, so I had a blast with this!

Colours of Wales Painting In Progress.jpg

Finally, a landscape painting inspired by the colours of the Welsh winter countryside, which I blogged about not too long ago.

Phew! Not including all of the too boring to blog early-stage paintings I’ve got on the go, that is it!

8 Comments Much Art In Progress

    1. Katherine

      Thank you! I always mean to use colours like the one in the Welsh landscape but my colour mixing skills are a bit hit and miss and I usually go off on a tangent caused by accidental colours :P One day I’ll tame my colour palette! Oh man, I can’t wait to finish some of these — it’s going to feel sooo good (glad I’m not alone in this little problem).

  1. Daniel

    Beautiful. Love your stuff!! Especially the first and second one. You should go BIGGER. Your stuff would look great. Bit hard in Nettle though I guess! :)

    1. Katherine

      Aaaw thanks Daniel :) I do have one big (for me) canvas that sits around looking horribly intimidatingly blank. I was just thinking the other day that it would actually be easier to go bigger so I don’t have to work in such tiny detail, which lessens the intimidation factor a bit.

      I was thinking of Shakti today as I made pancake batter. I left it a little lumpy for her :)

  2. Nicole

    I love seeing these in progress pictures. There’s something comforting in hearing that you don’t just sit down and a couple of hours later you have a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Katherine

      Oh my gosh, I am sooo comforted when I hear artists say this! Sometimes I feel like if it isn’t easy, I’m not really any good at it. It makes me feel like a big fraud. Since hearing other artists confess that they have bad days and bugger things up I can just remind myself of this.

  3. suzi banks baum

    Dear Balloon Girl

    I am going through a gesso phase too. And I adore your patience with color mixing. I notice today I am a ‘just go at it’ sort of artist…leaning way in to the serendipitous. I love the linen canvases especially. I will post my latest things this week.

    Will Monday be Valentine’s for you? My book press is full of printed cards I made today. They won’t all arrive on Monday, but they will go out on Valentine’s Day. Again… the planning phase bolluxes me up, but does not stop me! Love and hugs, S

    1. Katherine

      Suzi, I have a confession to make… I was one of those kids who always coloured within the lines. With laser like precision. The second canvas is me attempting to lean into the serendipity.

      Monday is indeed valentine’s day here. Bring on the love!


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