The Artwork of Natasha Newton

I’ve been dying to share some work by artists I adore for the longest time now. Finally, I’ve gotten my act together! I’m completely besotted with Natasha Newton’s work and am positively afroth with excited happiness to adorn my humble little blog with her exquisite eye candies.

Natasha Newton_Intermission.jpg

Natasha Newton_The Flock.jpg

Natasha Newton_The Pattern of the Earth.jpg

Natasha Newton_The Exquisite Melancholy.jpg

I remember when I first saw Natasha’s works I felt like reaching out and touching them because they look so velvety soft. I am utterly in love with her muted colour palette. Some of my favourite pieces of hers are ones in which a splash of gorgeous deep colour breaks up the landscape of neutral tones.

Natasha Newton Painting.jpg

One of the things I appreciate most about Natasha is that she is a blogger. I don’t mean to say she has a blog. Rather, that she does it well. Unfortunately, many of the artists I discover online seem to have a blog because someone told them it was the thing to do. Natasha gives her readers tantalising sneak peaks into her process, or what she’s currently working on, and lovely intimate touches such as a photo of one of her pieces hanging in her own home.

All-in-all, one rather outrageous art crush.

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