The Birth of a Painting

I can always — ok, almost always — pinpoint what inspired a particular piece. There’s only one exception to this that I can think of:

Mixed Media Low Brow Art.jpg

I don’t know where she came from. It kind of weirds me out, like giving birth to something without the pregnancy.

However, usually it’s something(s) very specific. Today whilst walking our foster dog over the surrounding hills, the slope of this hill:

Landscape Painting Inspiration.JPG

…and the colours of the wet winter landscape got the creative juices flowing. The purple tinged trees on the left, the colour of the wet bracken (not particularly well captured by the iPhone’s camera, but something akin to burnt siena with a touch more red), and the raw sienna hued line of grass separating the green grass from the reddy-brown bracken:

Landscape Painting Inspiration.JPG

…inspired me to do another landscape painting a little like this one:

Abstract Trees Mixed Media.jpg

I think the patchwork collage in the foreground will make an appearance and the trees will be same same but different.

Here’s the sketch I did for the painting tonight:

Initial Sketch Painting.JPG

There was also some lovely blue-grey stone nestled amongst the reddy-brown bracken that I think would make a nice colour for the sky. These days, I can’t contemplate painting anything without the colour green so the vibrant green of the grass and moss will make a nice colour for one of the fields, I think. All of these lovely colours of the Welsh winter landscape surrounding the little cottage we call home-for-now will make for the colour palette:

Colour Color Inspiration.png

Can I share something with you and invite your opinion? Although I love the purple trees in the natural landscape, Im having doubts about it in the painting. It’s hard to go past raw umber for the silhouetted trees. I think I might prefer this colour combo — what do you think?

Colour Inspiration Welsh Winter Landscape.png

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