Happy Anniversary Nellie Windmill!

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This time last year I penned my first blog post. I’m struck by the paradoxical feelings that it was only a year ago – so much has happened since then! – and that it was a whole year ago – a whole year and I still haven’t achieved the goals I had for my blog!

Still, progress has been made:

  • From memory, I don’t think I was ever anxious about putting my paintings out there for people to see as it really did feel like I was plonking them out into a big gaping void. A few days ago, I logged into my Deviant Art account to see that one of my paintings had been added as a favourite by 441 people! The perfect Blogiversary present!

Painting Mixed Media.jpg

  • I started out not knowing what exactly I was going to blog about. Now, I have a tremendous list of blog articles waiting to be written.
  • One of my main hopes for my blog was that through it I would find and connect with kindred spirits. I’ve made a dear, dear friend who, although I haven’t met, has enriched my life and whom I treasure.
  • I read a mammoth amount about building an online creative business and community in the early days and was absolutely overwhelmed with the flood of information and advice and was trying to act on it all and getting absolutely nowhere (that could have had something to do with living in a developing country for three months and being at the mercy of internet so slow I suspect it’s donkey powered). Now, I’m systematically chipping away at my crystal clear action plan, making slow but steady progress.

Yet, there is still much, much muchmuchmuchMuch much more progress to be made:

  • I want to be blogging weekly – not necessarily very frequent but at least regularly
  • There are a gazillion little things and a handful of big things that need attention on my blog from creating a gallery to adding to the hopelessly out of date blog-roll to updating my SEO plugin
  • I want to make wallpapers, digital collage papers, textures, brushes, and blog banners I’ve designed and am yet to design downloadable from my blog
  • There are paintings that have gone un-blogged and paintings in progress that I’d like to give sneak peaks of and blog about the process of making them.
  • I’ve discovered a whole bunch of inspirational artists over the past year who’s work I can’t wait to share
  • I’ve embarked on some motorhome decorating craft projects that I think would make for nice tutorials
  • I want to get to know more kindred spirits online and have someone to talk to about arty things
  • I want to personalise my blog’s design with my own art
  • And beyond my blog I have another gazillion million dreams lined up, each one a little bigger and better than the last – Sell prints and digital art products on Deviant Art, Etsy, and on my website, get published in a magazine, sell my designs wholesale, sell via boutiques, license my work…

When we packed up our lives to travel around Europe in a motorhome indefinitely I had no idea that my life would become so full! I didn’t have one of these dreams before leaving, not one! So maybe I haven’t achieved much on my list but in the time since beginning this blog until now I’ve dreamt the life I want and started down the track of making it. It has been time well spent.

2 Comments Happy Anniversary Nellie Windmill!

  1. suzi banks baum

    Indeed Angel Nellie of the Nettlewagon, I love your posts and your dreams and the way you and Michael are living them! Where are you exactly right now? Our son is in Munich until late November. Might you stop there? I seem to recall you are in Great Britain? My blog will tell you what I am up to. Missing connecting with you and art. More to come. I love that long list of things to blog about. I love the full flow of ideas. Hugs to you and blessings, Suzi

    1. Katherine

      “Angel Nellie of the Nettlewagon” – I love it! We are still in Cornwall and will be spending winter in Wales – in a farmhouse, no less! We haven’t been to Munich – How is your son finding it?

      Hopefully, the blog won’t be neglected for too much longer. We won’t be travelling at all until after winter so hopefully the hibernation will prove productive – hmmm… “productive hibernation” I’m pretty sure that’s an oxymoron :P

      So nice to hear from you!


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