A Pop Surrealism Revelation

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Have you ever been really into something and then found out that there are other things like this something and that there’s a name for this stuff and lots of other people like this stuff too? If that sentence didn’t make any sense to you don’t worry about it, the rest of this blog post doesn’t require that you’re orbiting the same celestial body as me to understand it.

I recently discovered that the type of art (apart from mixed media) that makes my heart go thump has a name and its name is “pop surrealism“. Apparently it’s a bit of a misnomer, and hotly contested by some of those upon whom the label is foisted, but it’s a revelation nonetheless.

I met two art students whilst on our journeys in Tunisia who asked me what “art movement” I consider my paintings to belong to. I told them I don’t get that academic about it and said I just paint cute stuff that’s kind of creepy, which left them looking at me blankly. Little did I know this cute and creepy stuff is apparently a valid (to some) art movement.

This discovery happily coincided with a visit to Rome, which happens to be the home of the Dorothy Circus Gallery that sells prints of one of my favourite artists of this style – Nicoletta Ceccoli. It had never occurred to me that art with a focus on strange and innocent yet disturbing subjects could be found in a gallery. T-shirts from Dangerfield maybe, but certainly not galleries as I knew them. This discovery has opened up a whole new wonderfully macabre and seedy world.

Laura Wachter

Laura Wachter

Josh Clay

3 Comments A Pop Surrealism Revelation

  1. suzi banks baum

    You are a movement Nel- I am thrilled to see these paintings! And I understand the conundrum of naming what you do- as anything other than what you do. This. Me. This is my Art. Want to have some for yourself? Make some of your own. Or buy a piece of mine. Either way- it is a celebration of your vision and your voice.

    I am posting all week about the Daily-Ness of Art. Deeply desiring full enrollment for our workshop on Saturday. Need at least 6. Have only 2. Juicy plump desire for 16! Send your juice. Hope you are well. Love and hugs and praise to you and your gorgeous work! S

    1. Katherine

      Thank you! I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. The things you post about strike home with me. Thanks for commenting.


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