This Is My Year List

This week’s Creating Dreams Come True assignment is making a “This Is My Life List”. I think my favourite part of this exercise was visualising how I want each area of my life to feel. It forced me to be specific about what I wanted and what I felt was lacking in each area.

A real sticking point I had with this exercise was the life area of “Abundance”. I suspect this is one of those words with a fuzzy definition and wildly varying connotations, depending on who you ask. I’ve never really thought about abundance before so, like a good little Bachelor of Arts graduate, I decided I needed to define it first. My definition (straight out of the dictionary) is: “plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity”. A great inner tug-of-war ensued between the two opposing values of abundance and simplicity. On the one hand, I don’t really desire “plentifulness” but rather “enough”. On the other hand, I’ve included things on my Big List of Dreams that fall into the abundance category, such as the killer wardrobe I desire. Of course, I have “enough” clothes right now but that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with what I’ve got. I think in the end I managed to find a harmonious balance between the two. I’m certainly not aiming to live like a monk but the mindless pursuit of more stuff didn’t find it’s way onto my list either.

Life Areas My Vision Action Plan
This is my Health I feel powerful, strong and vibrantly healthy in my body Buy a bike and ride instead of drive and go on lots of scenic bike rides throughout our travels
These are my Relationships I feel that I have found my community and made new friends who are kindred spirits. I feel I have people with whom I can share the things that excite me. I feel that all of the important relationships in my life are nourished, nourishing and that I am completely present in them. Be an active member of the online artistic community
This is my Abundance/Simplicity I feel that I do not own anything that is not useful, beautiful or sentimental. I know I have everything I need. I understand that everything else is abundance. Create a ritual of slowing down and being aware and appreciative of the abundance in my life
This is my Creativity/Purpose I feel amazed with the kind of art that I am producing. I feel proud of how much I’ve learnt and excited about continuing to develop my skills, technique and style. I feel wildly successful in my online creative business endeavours. I have an entire action plan for this one! I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say that a few of the broad strokes are:
  • regular, scheduled art days
  • participation in online courses
  • opening various online stores to sell my collage papers, prints of my paintings and digitally altered photographs, and my designs on various products
  • regular, scheduled art business days
This is how I practise Self-Love/Self-Care I feel compassion, acceptance and forgiveness for my younger self and the mistakes she made. I feel that I have a deep level of self awareness and that I am always authentic. Keep an art journal and use it proactively, not just to rant when things are a bit shit
This is how I experience Adventure I feel exhilarated by the places we are going, the things we are doing and the people we are meeting. I feel that our travels are in the spirit of this quote: “the world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. I accept my share of challenges that come hand in hand with adventure rather than be brought down by them. Write blog articles on the challenges and disappointments we come up against during our travels to encourage more reflection

You probably noticed that I only have one task for each life area (with the exception of the Creativity area which has a whole action plan). I’m going with the principle that “lack of time is actually lack of priorities”, and have just gone with one task that I think will make a big impact in that area of my life. Once I’ve achieved them I’ll add more but for now I’m keeping it simple.

4 Comments This Is My Year List

  1. Dirty Girl Pottery

    I love how you did your list and the way you laid it out on your blog. Thank your for what you wrote at the beginning, I’ve struggled with similar “opposing values” and your thoughts helped me sort that out. Off to do my list now :)

  2. Veornica Funk

    A friend suggested I read your words and it felt like you write exactly how I feel and what I’ve been writing of the past couple of years. I have also worked on simplifying my life and paring down to the important things. It certainly has made it easier to say ‘no’ to those things that deplete me and give me the time and energy to say ‘yes’ to those opportunities that fill me. I’ll definitely be visiting regularly.

    1. Katherine

      Hi Veronica, thanks for your comments. It’s amazing how often I read other people’s blog posts and feel like I could have written it myself because it’s so similar to where I’m at. Even so, sometimes I wonder if what I’m writing will have any relevance to anyone else. Thanks for assuaging me of that niggling concern. All the best, and very much looking forward to having you over more often :)


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