The Big List of Dreams

In my last blog post I cautioned against writing overly long lists of dreams or resolutions, which have a danger of being un-actionable (because of their scale) and unfocused (because they don’t distinguish between the important and the not so important). So, without further ado, here is my overly long list of dreams… I can explain, it’s for a good cause!

I’m very excited to be a part of Andrea Schroeder’s new online group “Creating Dreams Come True“. Turns out, our first assignment is to start a list of 100 things we want to do, be, or have! Her theory (in direct opposition to mine) is that to come up with 100, stretches you to dream bigger and really expands your ideas of what is possible. So, in the interest of being open to new ideas and having a bit of fun, I’m going with it. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride somewhere spectacularly beautiful
  2. Successfully sell my collage papers on Etsy
  3. Successfully sell my paintings and digitally altered photography on Red Bubble and Image Kind
  4. Find my community and make true friendships with other creative, kindred spirits
  5. Build a wardrobe full of flattering, quirky, beautiful clothes with lots of skirts, gorgeous footwear, and accessories
  6. Have several side projects that earn an income from our travelling – photography, e-books, blog, etc
  7. Learn bookbinding
  8. Be an accomplished artist
  9. Be an excellent conversationalist
  10. Own an original Heather Haynes painting
  11. Learn how to make pottery
  12. Learn to sew
  13. Create a children’s book
  14. See the aurora borealis
  15. Travel Canada in our motorhome
  16. Travel New Zealand in our motorhome
  17. Make friends in every country we travel to
  18. Accept, forgive, and let go
  19. Learn the story of my adoption
  20. Go paragliding somewhere spectacularly beautiful
  21. Practise yoga
  22. Join a lively, fun, and friendly book club
  23. Patronise contemporary and jazz dance productions
  24. Patronise the theatre
  25. Own a cozy, rustic cottage in the hills with a studio and an open fireplace
  26. Continue to travel Europe in our motorhome
  27. Hike the Alps
  28. Patronise classical music concerts
  29. Attend the Venice Carnival
  30. Experience the midnight sun
  31. Live in Ireland
  32. Live in Paris
  33. Live in London
  34. For Mike and I to meet our target monthly income from our creative endeavours alone
  35. Get to know my brother’s fiance and be a part of my niece’s life
  36. Practise meditation
  37. Travel Tasmania, Australia, in our motorhome
  38. Feel strong and powerful in my body (I totally plagiarised that from Andrea but her wording was just so perfect!)

Wow, over a third of the way there and there’s still such a long way to go! I can see what Andrea means, I really am going to have to get a bit outrageous to make it to 100!

5 Comments The Big List of Dreams

  1. Margaret Tyson

    Wow, your list is fabulous. I was knocked out by your first one. Michael made a website for a hot air ballooning company when he was 17. The payment was meant to be a free trip in a balloon. He never took it!!!

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  3. Diana

    Hi Katherine, have you ever thought of travelling to Romania ? I live in Romania and i would love to introduce you to my friends and fashion designers, so you could see your dreams 4, 5, 11 come true :)

    1. Katherine

      Hi Diana, I do want to visit Romania! Mainly to see Peles Castle but I think meeting you and a whole bunch of creative types might just usurp Peles’ number 1 rank :) Also, my wardrobe is still mostly utilitarian travel gear :( Such a small dream but so painfully far. I’ll drop you a line if I’m ever in the neighbourhood!


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