Introducing a Tasty Pixel

Do you like a sexy website? Then check out A Tasty Pixel. I unabashedly and oh so biasedly testify that A Tasty Pixel is the super swankiest software website you’ll come across this side of eleven cyber rivers.   It’s amazing to think that just a year and a half ago the most creative thing I’d done since high school was a few doodles whilst conducting market research over the phone. Now with a bit of digital rendering magiks by my partner my doodles adorn a real life business website and I’m so proud of the little guys. A Tasty Pixel is the new face of my partner’s not so new software development business. He makes nifty apps for the iphone amongst other things and he’s super passionate about it. It’s his bag. We’re both really happy with the concept we came up with. It’s very playful and whimsical and injects the business with a good dose of personality. Click through the different pages to see a different illustration on each – my favourite is on the contact page and my other favourite is on the Talkie page. Please let us know what you think!

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