Entangled Earth


I’m not sure if I like this piece. I think it falls into the category of “It’s nice but I wouldn’t want it on the living room wall”. It’s my first abstract landscape painting and I’m looking forward to doing lots more. It was born after I read an article in Cloth Paper Scissors by Serena Barton. I just love her abstract landscapes and she was the catalyst for my new favourite fine art technique: tea bag stains.

What I do like about this piece are the details. I can see a few paintings within the painting that appeal to me much more than the whole:

Entangled Detail.jpg  

Entangled Detail 2.jpg

Entangled Detail 3.jpg

2 Comments Entangled Earth

  1. Serena Barton

    Hi Nellie,

    I just found your blog and your Wabi-Sabi piece. I really like it! I also like the way you cropped it different ways to get several separate pieces.

    I’m glad my article in CPS was inspiring and I hope you do a lot more painting in this style!

    Warm Wishes, Serena



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