A New Pretty

I finished my very first assemblage piece today and I just can’t stop looking at it and smiling. I bought the wooden frame in an op shop back in Australia, which was at the time, very daggy. I gave it a revamp with paint, crackling medium and distressing but was at a loss for what to do with it after that. When I was packing for our move to Europe I let the more useful aspect of my OCDness take over and wrote and re-wrote packing lists based on several recommended packing lists I found in travel guides and blogs. My goal was to bring the bare minimum for the standard reason of trying not to break my back but mostly because whatever space left in my bag was reserved for art supplies. I ended up being able to pack all of my art supplies except for a few blocks of wood, which was probably for the best, and I even managed to pack the wooden op shop frame. I just couldn’t bare to leave it in Australia all unfinished and dejected and yearning to be beautiful. It was the randomest thing I packed; almost the second randomest but sanity prevailed and I didn’t pack the ancient cast iron frying pan that I was convinced was irreplaceable.

So, it’s been with me through a voyage to the other side of the world and across Europe to North Africa and maybe that’s why I’m feeling so satisfied with it’s finishedness or maybe it’s just because I brought a little bit of pretty to the world.






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